1: Good men crave emotional intimacy from women. They value open communication and want to feel connected on a deep level.

2: Good men seek respect and admiration from their partners. They want to feel appreciated for their efforts and accomplishments.

3: Good men desire physical affection from women. They enjoy the warmth of a hug or the touch of a loving hand.

4: Good men appreciate independence in a woman. They respect a partner who has her own interests and goals.

5: Good men value loyalty and trust in a relationship. They crave security and fidelity from their significant other.

6: Good men crave support and encouragement from women. They want a partner who believes in their dreams and helps them achieve their goals.

7: Good men enjoy shared interests and experiences with their partners. They appreciate a woman who is willing to try new things and explore the world together.

8: Good men desire a sense of humor in a woman. They enjoy laughter and lightheartedness in a relationship.

9: Good men crave authenticity in a partner. They want someone who is genuine, honest, and true to themselves.