1: 1. Coconut oil massage can help reverse graying. 2. Apply a paste of curry leaves for natural color. 3. Mix henna and coffee for darker shades.

2: 4. Amla powder can help restore hair pigmentation. 5. Use onion juice to stimulate hair growth. 6. Black tea can darken gray hair naturally.

3: 7. Apply a mixture of yogurt and black sesame seeds. 8. Try sage tea rinse to cover gray strands. 9. Ghee mixed with licorice root promotes luster.

4: 10. Rosemary essential oil can slow graying process. 11. Use aloe vera gel for nourishing scalp. 12. Beetroot juice can add a reddish tint.

5: 13. Fenugreek seed paste aids in preventing gray hair. 14. Apply a blend of apple cider vinegar and honey. 15. Carrot seed oil helps in hair revitalization.

6: 16. Castor oil promotes hair growth and color. 17. Neem leaves paste can combat premature graying. 18. Avocado mask provides essential vitamins.

7: 19. Boil potato skins for a natural hair dye. 20. Hibiscus flower paste strengthens hair roots. 21. Sesame oil massage can slow down graying.

8: 22. Burdock root oil nourishes and conditions hair. 23. Rose water rinse adds shine and softness. 24. Walnut shells infusion darkens gray strands.

9: 25. Almond oil reduces gray hair appearance. 26. Use marigold flowers for natural hair color. 27. Eat a balanced diet for healthy hair.