1: Discover stunning balayage ideas for short hair that range from rich, natural tones to playful pastel shades.

2: Rich chestnut hues add depth and dimension to short hair, creating a effortlessly sophisticated look.

3: Try a caramel balayage for short hair to add warmth and a touch of sun-kissed glow.

4: Ashy blonde balayage on short hair offers a cool, modern twist on traditional highlights.

5: Opt for a rose gold balayage on short hair for a trendy, feminine touch that complements any skin tone.

6: Mixing pastel shades like lavender and mint in a short hair balayage creates a playful, unique look.

7: For a subtle balayage effect on short hair, choose a soft honey tones that blend seamlessly with your base color.

8: Balayage that fades from dark to light on short hair adds depth and movement to your hairstyle.

9: Experiment with different balayage ideas for short hair to find the perfect color combination that suits your style.