1: Say goodbye to thin, overplucked brows. Embrace natural, full brows for a modern look.

2: Out with chunky highlights, in with subtle balayage for a more natural and low-maintenance style.

3: Bid farewell to overly stiff, crunchy hair. Opt for soft, touchable waves for a more effortless look.

4: Banish the harsh blunt cuts and go for layered haircuts for more movement and texture.

5: Ditch the ultra-sleek, stick-straight hair. Embrace your natural texture for a more relaxed vibe.

6: Say goodbye to extreme hair colors like neon or pastel hues. Try more subdued shades for a chic and timeless look.

7: Bid adieu to tight, perfect curls. Embrace looser, more natural curls for a relaxed and modern style.

8: Out with the super high, stiff updos. Opt for more relaxed, messy updos for a more effortless look.

9: Banish the dated "crunchy" wet look. Embrace soft, beachy waves for a more modern and trendy hairstyle.