1: Transform your yard into a haven for songbirds by planting sunflowers. Their bright blooms will attract vibrant feathered friends.

2: Lure hummingbirds to your garden with colorful trumpet vine. Watch these tiny, vibrant birds feed on the nectar-filled flowers.

3: Create a paradise for songbirds by growing native milkweed. Monarch butterflies will also flock to your garden to lay their eggs.

4: Plant native coneflowers in your yard to attract finches and other small songbirds. Enjoy the beautiful blooms and melodic bird songs.

5: Bring nature's music to your backyard by growing red cardinal flowers. These lovely plants will draw in striking red cardinals.

6: Attract blue jays and other songbirds with the vibrant blooms of blue hydrangeas. Create a picturesque landscape and bird-friendly environment.

7: Plant bee balm in your garden to attract hummingbirds and butterflies. Enjoy the colorful flowers and musical chirps of visiting birds.

8: Grow purple petunias to invite sparrows and chickadees to your yard. Enhance your outdoor space with these beautiful, bird-attracting plants.

9: Invite warblers and woodpeckers to your garden by planting native oak trees. Watch these majestic birds thrive in your bird-friendly oasis.