1: Title: Quick Shrimp Alfredo Recipe Description: Learn how to make a delicious Shrimp Alfredo in just 15 minutes.

2: Title: Gather Ingredients Description: Grab pasta, shrimp, Alfredo sauce, butter, garlic, and seasonings.

3: Title: Cook Shrimp Description: Sauté shrimp in butter and garlic until pink and cooked through.

4: Title: Add Alfredo Sauce Description: Pour Alfredo sauce over cooked shrimp and stir until heated.

5: Title: Boil Pasta Description: Cook pasta according to package instructions until al dente.

6: Title: Combine Ingredients Description: Mix cooked pasta with shrimp and Alfredo sauce until well combined.

7: Title: Season to Taste Description: Add salt, pepper, and herbs to taste for extra flavor.

8: Title: Serve and Enjoy Description: Plate Shrimp Alfredo and garnish with parsley before serving hot.

9: Title: Quick and Delicious Description: Enjoy a satisfying Shrimp Alfredo meal in just 15 minutes with this easy recipe.