1: "Original Suits actor Gabriel Macht is open to a spinoff return after Louis Litt-based series was scrapped. Find out more about his potential comeback."

2: "Fans of the hit legal drama are eager to see Macht reprise his role as Harvey Specter in a new spinoff. Could a comeback be in the works?"

3: "With the cancellation of the Louis Litt-based series, the door is open for Macht to return to the Suits universe. Will he make a triumphant comeback?"

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7: "The dynamic between Macht's Harvey Specter and Rick Hoffman's Louis Litt was a highlight of Suits. Could a new spinoff reignite that on-screen chemistry?"

8: "Despite the setback of the cancelled Louis Litt-based series, Macht's openness to return is a beacon of hope for fans. Will Harvey Specter make a triumphant comeback?"

9: "Stay tuned for any updates on Gabriel Macht's potential return to the Suits universe. A spinoff featuring Harvey Specter could be just around the corner."