1: Sip on a refreshing Starbucks-inspired Honey Citrus Mint Tea at home with this easy DIY recipe.

2: Brew a blend of black tea, honey, and mint for a zesty and soothing drink, perfect for any time of day.

3: Enjoy the bright flavors of citrus paired with the sweetness of honey in this homemade beverage.

4: Customize your tea by adjusting the sweetness and mintiness to your liking for a truly personalized drink.

5: Save money and time by making this copycat Starbucks drink in the comfort of your own kitchen.

6: Impress your friends and family with this delicious and Instagram-worthy beverage.

7: Stay hydrated and refreshed with this cool and calming tea on a hot summer day.

8: This easy DIY recipe is a healthier alternative to sugary store-bought drinks.

9: Treat yourself to a luxurious and indulgent drink without ever having to leave your house.